‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’ Picasso once claimed. For Frankey, aka streetart Frankey (1977), this problem simply doesn’t exist. Drawing inspiration from both childhood memories and a youthful fascination with present-day life and culture, his work takes many forms yet is always recognisable through its playful creativity and light touch of mischief. Although he acknowledges the differences and thin lines between styles, trades and professions, he is equally happy to ignore boundaries while smiling politely. Such is the life of a designer / inventor / artist / technician / food critic who brings his creative mind and broad skillset to bear on creating truly distinctive work. His street art bravado and cultural sensitivity informs his public and private commissions and is most appreciated by an audience fond of truly distinctive art with a healthy dose of lightheartedness.

Frankey currently lives and works in Amsterdam, with his work having been displayed in various exhibitions and solo shows in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and the United states. Frankey is represented by the Wanrooij Gallery in Amsterdam. www.wanrooijgallery.com